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Product Code: 930.354
Triple Crown Empire Grade Shotgun (2 Barrel Set) 20GA+28GA/26"BBL
Product Code: 930.125
Triple Crown Shotgun 2 Barrel Set (White) .410-28GA/26"BBLs
Product Code: 930.080
Triple Crown Shotgun (White) 20GA/26"BBL
Product Code: 930.081
Triple Crown Compact Shotgun (White) 20GA/26"BBL
Product Code: 930.082
Triple Crown Shotgun (White) 28GA/26"BBL
Product Code: 930.083
Triple Crown Shotgun (White) .410/26"BBL
Product Code: 930.078
Triple Crown Shotgun (White) 12GA/28"BBL
Product Code: 930.079
Triple Crown Compact Shotgun (White) 12GA/28"BBL