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High Quality Firearms,
Competitively Priced Since 1875

Over a century ago, Charles Daly: Sportsman, Entrepreneur & Visionary recognized the importance of quality and craftsmanship in a distinguished line of firearms.

In 1865 two partners, Charles Daly and August Schoverling founded the sporting goods business Schoverling & Daly. By 1875, the company was operating under the brand name, Charles Daly. The company quickly established a reputation for dealing in top quality firearms from around the world.

Initially, manufacturers in Prussia were selected to supply Charles Daly with superbly constructed shotguns. Over the years many of the world?s best names in manufacturing made firearms for Charles Daly including Heym and Sauer of Germany, J&W Tolley of England, Newmann of Belgium and Lefever of New York. Later producers included Beretta, Miroku of Japan and Garbi of Spain.

The Charles Daly Name Lives On Far Beyond Its Inception

In 1899, the original Charles Daly died suddenly in 1899, but the business continued with his son, Charles Howard Daly, taking his place until 1919 when Henry Modell purchased the partnership. Throughout the years, various owners continued importing firearms and marketing them with the Charles Daly name.

In 1996, the brand expanded its import line to include semi-auto and pump-action shotguns and 1911-style pistols and was re-christened as Charles Daly, The Shooting Sports Specialist. Eventually, a new division of the company named Charles Daly Defense was formed to import firearms specifically for home defense.

Pioneering Products While Improving & Upgrading

Like the Charles Daly of old, Charles Daly, The Shooting Sports Specialist is a growing, fluid, innovative company that constantly adjusts to market dynamics. A marquee name in the firearms industry offering a range of products including their famous Triple Barrel shotgun and expanded line of semi-auto, pump-action, over/under, side by side and single barrel shotguns.

Their multi-grade line of 1911s has an impressive and competitive price offering for all levels of shooters. Their innovative PAK-9 pistol, and Honcho line of firearms are the latest unique products to hit the market. Charles Daly was one of the first to react to innovations in camouflage techniques and offers some of the most popular camouflages on triple barrel, single barrel, semi-auto, and pump-action shotguns including the 3-1/2" chambered Maxi-Mag shotguns.

The Modern Era Of Charles Daly

In a departure from the tradition of selling only imported firearms, Charles Daly recently moved production of their AR 410 Upper and Honcho? Tactical Pump 12-gauge firearms to the United States.

This move is a catalyst for future projects on the horizon. The Charles Daly name has a long history of delivering high-quality custom crafted firearms at competitive prices and that tradition will be proudly carried on with a never-ending focus of constantly improving and upgrading the current product line.